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Waltham Family School Staff


Our team is diverse, consisting of educators who resonate with the heritage of our families to experts specialized in their educational fields.

Jackie Herrera, Program Coordinator

As an immigrant from El Salvador and a first-generation high school and college graduate, Jackie brings deep personal knowledge of the experiences of Waltham Family school families, and a passion for serving the immigrant community. Her vision is to continue building on the organization’s strong foundation, and expand its reach. Jackie's extensive experience in nurturing relationships and cultivating trust throughout the community directly benefits her role. She is dedicated to providing unwavering support for Waltham Family School children and families as they strive to achieve their educational, professional, and community aspirations.

Our Team

Jackie Herrera, Program Coordinator

Susana Saldana Sanchez, Assistant Program Coordinator

Julie Leger-Fullerton, ESOL Teacher

Jane Ansin, ESOL Teacher

Meg Maehl, Preschool Lead Teacher

Sara Ixam, Preschool Assistant Teacher

Glenda Fernnadez, Preschool Assistant Teacher

Dayana Ramirez, Office Administrative Assistant

Yenifer Velasquez, Bachelor of Social Work Intern

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