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Family Stories

Sara’s Story

From a young age, Sara faced challenges. Despite her formal education being halted after the fourth grade, her ambitions remained unshaken. By her teenage years, she embarked on a daunting six-month journey to the US, driven by the hope of a better life. Along the way, isolated from her family, she found strength in the encouragement of those around her.

Upon arriving in Waltham, Sara discovered the Waltham Family School in 2019, a beacon of hope during her pregnancy. It wasn't just a place to learn; it was a community that embraced her. With fierce determination, she pursued her goal to become a US citizen, mastering the challenging citizenship test in 2021. She radiated pride in her achievement, and she eagerly shared her success with Waltham Family School.

Always eager to grasp opportunities, when Sara learned that the Waltham Family School sought a preschool assistant, she saw her dreams aligning. Recognizing her leadership and understanding of the immigrant experience, the school welcomed her onboard, marking another victorious chapter in her resilient journey.

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