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Family Stories

Dayana’s Story

When Dayana first came to the Waltham Family School, she couldn't have imagined the wonderful impact it would have on her and her family's lives. Today, she wholeheartedly gives back by actively participating as an integral member of the Waltham Family School team, offering invaluable assistance to other families.


In 2012, Dayana, her husband Marvin, and children (Mayeli, Avida, and Julián) came to the United States from Guatemala in search of better opportunities for herself and her family. “We wanted a special future for our children,” Dayana said.

Soon Dayana discovered Waltham Family School and together with her kids, Avida and Julián, they eagerly immersed themselves in the program. “I liked it because I wanted to learn English to get by in the United States. In this country, it's very important,” she said. “The Waltham Family School provides important help on how to guide our children and how to prepare them for school.” She also fondly recalls the memorable moments she shared with her children, like reading together and their delightful apple picking and train rides.

But Waltham Family School was more than a school for kids; it was Dayana’s bridge to her dreams. Faced with the challenge of mastering 100 questions in English for her U.S. citizenship test, Dayana dedicated herself to studying. On test day, she remembered the answers with clarity. "The knowledge I gained here made me realize, 'I can do this, and so much more,'" she exclaimed.

Today, Dayana and her children are thriving. Mayeli is a freshman in college; Avida is a student at the Waltham High School, and Julián is in the fifth grade at the Dual Language School. Dayana has been very involved with the Waltham school system not only as an employee, but also as a mentor to other parents. 

Now Dayana’s ties to Waltham Family School have come full circle. She’s become a confident and indispensable member of the Waltham Family School’s team, recently joining as the school’s Administrative Assistant. With much enthusiasm and confidence, Dayana said, "Being here, helping others, it fills my heart. Every single day."

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